VoIP Products & Solutions from Voxvalley

  • MoSIP


    MoSIP is a SIP based application which is used to make VoIP calls over the internet to any landline or mobile. This cost-effective mobile application can connect worldwide

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  • Vox IM


    MoSIP+ is our new SIP based application similar to MoSIP, but with additional features of messaging to make VoIP communication over the internet more sociable and reliable.

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  • Vox Bridge

    MoSIP Hybrid

    The MoSIP Hybrid is a mobile dialer that enables IP calling and automates cellular dialing through calling cards. Vox Hybrid Mobile Dialer supports Wi-Fi & 3G

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  • Vox Switch

    Vox Switch

    Vox Switch is primarily a carrier grade Class 5 switch that provides services like Routing, Switching, Billing and Generating reports to easily manage the business.The quality of calls

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  • Vox Suite

    Vox Suite

    The Vox Suite application for a fact has proven to make life easy and less complicated for numerous businesses and companies that make and receive large volumes of international

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  • Vox PBX

    Vox PBX

    Vox PBX has three deployment models, namely On- Premise IP PBX Solution, Hosted IP PBX Solution, and Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution.

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  • Vox Bridge

    Vox Bridge

    Vox Bridge is an Integrated, High Performance based Comprehensive application made to meet all the needs related to Business in specific. This means issues such as

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  • Vox PC

    Vox PC

    Vox PC is a very unique and cost-effective solution for businesses who use their PC/Laptops a lot for connecting with every client of theirs in relation to work, from inbound

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